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Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion who help the clergy administer the Most Holy Body and Blood of Jesus to the faithful during Mass.
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EMHC Coordinator

This person is responsible for coordinating the schedules for the Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion.


These ministers proclaim the Holy Word of God during Mass and other liturgies. 
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Reader Coordinator

This person is responsible for coordinating the schedules for the Readers.

Homebound EMHC

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion who take our blessed Lord Jesus in the Most Holy Eucharist to those who are unable to join us for Sunday Mass.

Homebound EMHC Coordinator

This person helps to assign ministers to those in need of Holy Communion outside of Mass.

Altar Servers

These are children and youth who have made their first Holy Communion and serve during the celebration of Mass and other liturgies.

Altar Server Coordinators

Helps coordinate training with the altar servers as needed.



These are the ministers who are assigned to prepare the Church for the celebration of the Mass and other liturgies, and who help to put things away after Mass.  These include: Daily Masses Sacristans, Sunday Mass Sacristans, and Funeral Mass Sacristans.

Sacristan Coordinator

This person helps to coordinate assignments for sacristans.

Church Cleaning (Altar Society)

These ministers take care to clean the church and prepare it for a dignified celebration of Mass and other services.

Church Cleaning Coordinator

This person is responsible coordinating schedules for those who clean.

Pew Organizers

These persons help to arrange the missalettes, hymnals, and pew cards so that the pews may remain nice and neat.

Altar Linens

These persons help to launder the linens used for the celebration of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Altar Linens Coordinator

This person helps to coordinate schedules for the laundering of altar linens.


These ministers help to transform the sanctuary into a more beautiful environment for the celebration of Mass by preparing floral arrangements.  Flowers are purchased by the Church.


These ministers help to maintain a proper worship environment in the Church before during and after Mass by tending to the needs of the people and keeping order in the Church.


These ministers take the level of our worship to a higher level by leading us in the singing of the psalm response, and other Mass parts.


These ministers work as a team to lead the congregation in singing.

Choir Coordinator

These ministers are responsible for ensuring that enough choir members are available for all of our services and preparing them well through practice as needed.

Candles Maintenance

This person maintains and replaces the votive candles.

LCM CD’s Upkeep

This person helps to keep up the CD’s available to all for a donation.

Catechism Coordinators

These persons help to coordinate the operation of the catechism program.

Children/Youth Catechists

These ministers are involved in the important ministry of teaching our children and youth their faith and forming them as Christians.

Youth Confirmation Catechists

These ministers help to instruct and prepare our youth to receive the wonderful sacrament of Confirmation that will fill them with the Holy Spirit of God and better equip them to serve Him.

Youth Confirmation Coordinators

These persons help administer and coordinate the Confirmation program.

Youth Group Coordinators

These persons help to administer and coordinate the youth group.

Youth Group Catechists/Leaders

These ministers lead our youth in forming them as disciple of Jesus Christ.

Youth Group Volunteers

These ministers are available to help with a variety of needs the youth group team may have.

RCIA Ministry

These ministers seek to instruct and lead adults in the proper understanding and living of our Christian faith, and prepare them for the possible reception of sacraments or becoming Christian.

Nursing Home Visitors

These persons visit those who are in a nursing home.

Baptismal Preparation

These ministers give instruction to parents and Godparents in preparation for baptism.

Funeral Committee

These ministers offer their time, energy, and love by preparing a meal on behalf of the Church community for grieving families.

Office Administration Helpers

These persons tend to administrative tasks around the office.

Office Substitutes

These persons help perform secretarial duties in the office in the absence of the administrative assistant.


These persons make themselves available for special events to take photographs for the parish.

Website Support

This person helps to keep up the parish website with the latest information and news.

Finance Council

These members are appointed by the pastor to help him oversee the prudent care and management of the Church’s material goods, that they be effectively used for the Church’s mission.

Pastoral Council

These members are appointed by the pastor to advise him on programs and initiatives that will foster growth in the community and more effectively accomplish the spiritual work of God in accord with our mission.

ACA Coordinator

This person helps the pastor organize and get things ready for ACA.

ACA Team Members

These persons help the coordinator and pastor during the ACA Weekend rollout.


These persons are appointed by the pastor to help in the counting and depositing of the parish tithing.

Fiesta Committee

These ministers help in the planning and administering of the parish fiesta.

Abuse Awareness & Prevention Coordinator

These ministers ensure that everyone involved in ministry is in compliance with the requirement to take the workshop directed to protecting children and youth.  Those who have not taken the workshop cannot participate in any ministry.

Grounds Beautification Coordinator

This person helps to improve the appearance of the grounds of our parish.

Food Pantry / Outreach

These ministers reach out to the needy around us by relating with them and seeing if they can help with food, medicine, or utility bills.

Marriage Enrichment Team

These ministers help to coordinate a marriage enrichmet weekend that provides coulples the opportunity to focus on how to keep improving and growing their marriage.



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